The Importance of Professional Electrical Installation

The Importance of Professional Electrical Installation

15/12/17 Posted By:Admin

The Importance of Professional Electrical Installation – No DIY here.

Whether it’s residential or commercial, your property will always need to have immaculately installed and well maintained electrics throughout. There are people that think you can give it a go yourself and get your inner DIY God on the job. This really is not the case. Check out exactly why getting a professional is a must for all your electrical installation needs. 

Hiring a qualified and competent electrician is a crucial part of the process. Especially in complicated wiring, which may require top-level skills, only certified electricians are able to keep the work clean and safe. The last thing you want in your new home is bad wiring, which is a huge safety hazard! You wouldn’t hire someone sub-par to help install anything else in your home, so you really can’t skimp on someone to wire some of the most important parts.

Making sure the work is tidy is also a great way of seeing the professionalism of whoever it may be installing anything electrical in your home. Don’t be afraid to have a look around and see exactly what has been done. If you think the job is done quickly or not in a professional manner, there is no harm in getting a second opinion and making sure everything is on the level. Even taking pictures on your phone and getting some consultation from another company is a way in which you can be confident in any wiring that has been done.

An example of this would be that professional electricians follow a certain pattern or design in wiring, meaning you can immediately know if they’ve done a good job. For instance, high-voltage wires are usually hidden behind walls, which serve as their insulators. This keeps the place's surroundings clean and arranged while people that are passing by are safe from potential injuries caused by faulty wiring. Looking out for things like this means you can be assured you are getting the best person for the job.

The correct labeling on jobs will save you time and, in some instances, money. A professional electrician will clearly label wiring with tags, connection jacks, and other fixtures. Some wires also have different colors to determine their functions. When wires are in proper places, it would be easy for the electrician to determine which wire needs fixtures using colour coding.

Just like a professional kitchen needs to function with labels on food to show its freshness and let other chefs know what they can use, labels and colour coding in your properties electrics make it easier if, god forbid, there was ever an electrical fault. Making the job easier for any other electrician who may have to come to help try and fix anything gone wrong.


Rather than trying to do any of the work yourself, getting all of the work done professionally and maintained on a regualar basis can lead to efficiency throughout the property. It is achieved by doing a regular system audit to check for the simplest fix faults, which may prevent minor issues turning into bigger problems.

A few things to look out for when carrying out maintenance are things like the smell of burning plastic, scratch marks on the surface of electrical connections, any overheating or even any submerged wires.

If you follow our advice on this then we can guarantee that your property will not be having any electrical problems anytime soon! If you are looking for a professional for any commercial or residential properties, you know that Mayo Electrical can help you with any issues.

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